The goal is to get to know your feelings, emotions and thoughts. You can also reach for individual therapy sessions with the aim of searching for a more proper way of dealing with everyday problems and coming up difficulties. This is a professional help with overcoming a life crisis.

Individual therapy is a special type of relation between a client and a therapist, based on confidence and acceptance.

During individual psychotherapy sessions you can work on:

– difficulties in your relation or difficulties to form a new one

– a crisis caused by a betrayal

– bereavement after losing a loved one

– a trauma or other tough experience

– relation problems with your family of origin

– mood swings

– low self esteem

– eating disorders

– personality disorders

– psychosomatic symptoms

– phobias and anxiety

– aggression

– bipolar affective disorder

– depression

– other difficulties, that needs to be consulted with a specialist


These are a few or more meetings of the couple with a psychotherapist, focused on what is happening in the relationship of two people coming for help. It is a solution, that gives the partners safe space to understand each other and look for new effective forms of communication. It helps to overcome crises, strengthens the bond between partners, and in some cases allows for a less painful parting.

During psychotherapy for couples, you can work on:

– difficulties in communication,

– marital conflicts resulting from differences in character/difference in upbringing,

– aggression and violence in the relationship,

– crisis caused by betrayal,

– “renewal of a broken bond” and restoration of trust,

– feeling of emotional burnout, loneliness,

– emotional sexual problems,

– difficulties resulting from partner’s illness or addiction.

*Some of our therapists additionally work on the basis of EFT – Emotion Focused Therapy, which, according to scientific research, is the most effective therapy for couples in the world (more than 90% of couples who have completed EFT report an increase in relationship satisfaction, and 70-73% achieve better results on a scale measuring the severity of problems in a marriage)! **We also offer online individual and couple therapy sessions.

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